Esperanza Spalding's Exposure   

Set Decorator 

Exposure is the sixth studio album by Grammy Award-winning American bassist and vocalist Esperanza Spalding. The album was created in 77 hours and broadcast on facebook live. 


As the all encompassing art department, I collaborated with the team on visually adding to and transform the space for this unique piece. Elements were introduced to the studio, recording booth, lounge, and I transformed an office space into sleeping quarters for Esperanza. Items shopped for fit into the color pallet, themes (framing, suspension, transparency, opacity, blurring, and capture), and shapes arrived at through my studio brief. 

Studio Brief
Excerpt from the brief I wrote at the start of pre-production, which aided in framing how I viewed the space and what objects would be brought in or remain. 


Client: Esperanza Spalding Productions



TIME, "Why Esperanza Spalding Is the Most Audacious Innovator in Jazz"

NPR, "Esperanza Spalding's 'Exposure': A Creative Marathon, Live in the Studio"

New York Times, "Esperanza Spalding Will Record 'Exposure' in Front of the World"

Additional Information

  •  Digital Initiative of the Year, JazzFM Awards 2018

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